Wednesday, June 20, 2012



Hi Everybody!

As you probably have noticed, I removed all old posts and will probably retire...The recent copyright witch hunt has caught up with me and I have to protect my family (we have a handicapped daughter).

Maybe in the future times will change and there will be a way for me to return...

...Au Revoir!


  1. I hope you will rethink.
    A great ciao from Italy.
    Andrea (BlueRose26071967)

  2. what a shame... always loved your blog and your creative remixes! All the best for you and your family, and hopefully we'll see some new Dreamtime-Mixes in the future anywhere, anyhow!

    Best wishes from Switzerland!

  3. Sorry to see you go. Thanks for all the mixes ;)

  4. Thank you for everything, my friend. You've been awesome.

  5. Thank You for your contributions. The artists you have helped here would most certainly thank you as well. Give it some time for the situation to cool off.. I am sure you will be back.

  6. We are together, bloggers, this!, sorry!

  7. Hi Max!

    Wie schade, dass du aufhoerst.
    Ich kann's aber irgendwie verstehen.
    Hab' deine Mixe immer sehr gemocht.
    Mein 'alltimefavourite' war uebrigens "FGTH - WTTPD".
    Ich halte 'strictlymixes' offen, sodass du immer zurueckkehren kannst.
    Alles Gute mein Freund, und solltest du mal in Auckland sein, dann sende mir eine E-Mail vorher, und wir koennten uns treffen.
    Ich werde mich mal in 'facebook' bei dir melden, oder so.

    Cheers, and all the best!

    chronovisor aka Chris.

  8. Always loved your work here! Thank you for everything....nothing is forever but just the same, your love of music and sharing and as Arny stated, once things cool off a bit, I hope to see a dream time mix. :-)

  9. This comes as a shock and surprise to me. I have followed your blog for many years, and you inspired me to try my hand at mixing.

    Thanks for all your posts

    Good luck


  10. This is DJ D from Retro Remixes. Very sorry about this. Is there still a way to get your old mixes ? They're excellent.

    Thanks for your effort.

  11. Been following your blog for years, liked particularly reworks on Simple Minds, but also Bowie's Asolute Beginners and Fiction Factory Feels Like Heaven are very special ones. Have your collection of works on CD in my car and keep enjoying them. My kids like them also al lot.
    Many thanks and good luck
    Guido from Italy

  12. really sad news to see the end of this blog...thanks for the wonderful re-remixes and yake care!

  13. This was a brilliant blog - serious bums - here in China it was a godsend to check in every so often for a cool remix to take me back

  14. by the way what software were you using for the remixes I know you mentioned once before just did not know you were leaving

  15. Sorry to catch up so late. I was listening to two ABC Look of Love mixes and decided to check the site. Thank you and, most importantly, my best to you and your daughter.

  16. Real shame but absolutely understandeble that you have decided to end your blog now.

    Thank you very very much for your excellent mixes over the years. I really love them and hear it very often.

    I hope you will come back once, when the copyrigth rules makes you as a creative and not as a criminal.

    Jörg from Mannheim

  17. real, real shame

  18. Oh No!
    Thank you SO VERY MUCH for all your hard work and creativity. Your mixes introduced me to a world of music I didn't know existed (which resulted in many hundreds of dollars of purchases through iTunes which otherwise would not have occurred ... tell that to the copyright Witch).
    I will keep a keen eye out for your mixes in the future, and my fingers crossed that you will find away once again to mix and publish.

    I wish you every happiness and success.


    Sydney, Australia

  19. like so many have said...there's so much that was first heard HERE. you touched a lotta ears and brought many smiles.

    don't stop. MIXCLOUD. Its witchunt free and dreamtime lives on.

  20. Wondered why I haven't heard any new remix from you in the nearest past.
    Hope you didn't get too much trouble!
    Best wishes for you!


  21. I was listening to one of your mixes just today and thought of you. You made some brilliant mixes over the years!! All the very best to you and your family!!!!!!

  22. listening to your mixes now. thank you for all the brilliant stuff. you're missed.